02 January 2012

Personal Test

worried with yourself? Don't have any ambition? Let's take some personal quiz at

But I already tried this quiz before PMR. Even having dictionary I still don't understand the meaning of some words. After SPM, I was tried this quiz again.

The result is I'm the artist. Seriously I have dream to be an artist. Don't want to be a singer. Open your mind please. So, i'm introvert. Based of my friend view, the reason I was introvert is I never or rarely talk about anime with my friends. If I talk with them about anime, that friends is must one of like me who like anime too.
So that's true.

My decision also based on my feeling. I think this is true since I hate to make any conflict. And most of them I need good mood to think. 

And I don't want to talk more about it. Since I know more about myself. Maybe