04 January 2013

Manga Review : Masamune-kun no Revenge

Introduce a new manga that I just found and read, Masamune-kun no Revenge. Another manga with normal tittle and straightforward. I mean the revenge of Masamune. We can understand what the aim of the main character right. 

We have trap and [old] loli in this manga. So, no problem. I like this manga.

Like in every manga that we read, we can see where the main character must have natural handsome face. But for this manga we can see how the main character, Masamune trained himself to become an awesome person. I mean his face. Become handsome like that. 

So, in this manga, ofc the girls will easily to attract with Masamune. 

The handsome guy in our manga. Masamune. Come to school to revenge at certain girl.

The most interest logic in manga [or maybe irl], handsome guys can be forgiven if they drool while they sleep. That's true enough. Then think what others think when they saw a fatso drool while they sleep. First reaction must be, "uh look at that fatso. S/he is drooling while sleeping. Must take a picture and show to the internet "

Then, how about we see the main girl(s)

A lovely girl in this manga, Aki. Masamune knew who is she. And that is girl that she want to revenge. This girl is seriously hate with guys and give nickname to guys who confessed to her. 

Forget about her personality. She is a TSUNDERE. Ofc we need tsundere in every shounen manga. Then yandere. 
Tsundere Detector On

The manga already released 2 chapters. So, I need to wait more. Put this manga in my must-read lists.