01 January 2013

The Snake is Coming

I'm late again. 
Today is 1/1/2013. A new year! Also for this year, the zodiac is snake. So, we will see more snakes during Chinese New Year. 

Nothing interesting event that happen for the last year. Just a random and happen. For this year, I just want to become same as last year but more advanced. /lol. I mean it! I mean I want to make booth for this year again. Guess I need to start practice and form or join some art group. 

But for the last year, I quite happy with all events that occur. Although I don't have any plan to go again to CF. But yeah, I managed to go there for second taimu. Unlucky me, I don't take to much pictures [cosplay ofc]. 

Too much anime that I not watch so guess let's celebrate this new year with some anime and manga. Also, I'm waiting for next season of Medaka Box Abnormal. We'll see Kumagawa and maybe Ajimu Najimi. Also waiting more next season anime[s]

Ajimu Najimi [Nana Mizuki] -Medaka Box