02 March 2012

Spechless new month

Aoh, I'm forgetting to update my blog again. I'm too busy with my drawing. That don't give me any benefit or should I said money.. lol. And again I missed 29 February. Never mind. 

I just want to talk about my mind. Kekeke.. Not really about personal la. It's about the song

The origin of this song is the 4th opening theme of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. The name of this song is Believe in Nexus. Nexus is bond actually. So, most of times yugioh's opening song is about hope, bond. This is song that keep replaying in my mind during SPM. 

That's remind me about Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. People keep criticise this anime since we will duel on the motorcycle. So, in the final arc. The fans said this is the greatest Yugioh. hehe.. 

It's like how many people criticise, bashing you, you just keep forward. Take the criticise and make miracle. Miracle is too much in yugioh. /lol

And don;t forget to make magic.. lol