14 March 2012

Re: Proposal to Komik-M

Just random picture ok. lol. Actually this entry is my respond toward this entry. It's suppose today we get an email from editor. And I don't get any email from them. Why? Because my comic was rejected. /lol

It's kind sad when your comic or your work was rejected. But my friends support me. Although they are the chosen one. They said that I need to improve my drawing and don't give up. Actually this is not 1st time my work is being rejected. I have an experience when your work are rejected by higher-ups or friends. But don't give up dude. We still have times. Indeed time. 

Other things is, don't wish only. iye la. Korang cakap camni. Aku harap aku boleh buat komik la. But you don't practice. I'm speaking since I'm a human who are really don't perfect. If I not mistaken my English is more broken than now. My drawing and English are not good than others. But my friends help me. I'm not asking from my real life friends since they are too busy and I need to help them in other subjects too. but I ask from my friends. They are twitter friends.

So, now I'm still updating my layout and need more patient. I'll use my artwork for the slider. But that in colour just in black and white. =.=

Btw, she got a name, Anna is her name. She is my OC -Original Character-. So, I think she will be my mascot for this blog. keke