16 March 2012

Wordless Day

Konichiwa~! sabbah-el-khair~! Ahn nyeong~! 

That's picture. Show what I am doing now. lol. Nah, I just a person who hate to sleep. But I still need sleep too. So, my metabolic rate will be in normal state. If not, my mood will be not good. keke

Actually what I am doing now is just watching video. Korean and Japanese mostly. Since I'm a sones -SNSD's fans- so, I keep watching SNSD variety show(s) including Invisible Youth 2. Although IY2 just using Sunny and Hyoyen as their hosts but must watch since Korea have many variety shows. And now I'm starting to watch Running Man. That variety show is really fun. I hope one day Malaysia can make one that feature Malaysian singers. That's will be fun. Maybe la.

So, in early morning, I already open the PC. lol Browsing FB and twitter but I don't so active there. I just open and left it.

So, since I still improving my layout, I make own slider. I mean using my drawing.

There you are. keke. Who's she? She is my OC. or should I said that she is my mascot? 

Original Picture

Oh now I can see my mistake when send a proposal to Komik-M. I need to ink then dry it for a day. 
Maybe only that I can write now.