18 March 2012

SPM result in 3 days more

Anna's feel the pressure

21 March 2012 is not too far from today. Why? It's time we can get our SPM result. After 2 years, we were struggling to get good result in exam, trial, test and SPM. We already know our trial, exam, test result but still don't know our SPM result. So, 21 Mac will be a good day. 

Some of my friend already make an event for that date. You can see below about the event that I talked about. 

You can see all SPM candidates are in nervous mode now. Why? We know that. SPM result = future. I hope I can get a good result. Maybe some of you already know that I'm one of SPM candidates too. Not this year but last year.

Also, you can check your result through the SMS too. Teknology dah mudahkan hidup kita weh
How to do so?
Just type SPM [No IC] [No Angka Giliran] to 15888.

But if you have chance just go to your school la. Bukan korang duduk kat asrama pun. Kalau duduk kat asrama tak pe la. Also, that day, the SMS traffic will be jammed. So, just go to school. Or you can use it.