11 March 2012

Two choices

Interesting right? Btw this is not about my relationship. Owait, I don't have any crush now. It's seem my crush already have boyfriend.

This is about myself and the future of this blog. Actually I saw this blog are too silent. More like a graveyard. No one here. Although some of them are really active in my chatbox. So, I think I should using Malay but I don't want. a stubborn person. really stubborn. 

What am I thinking? If I want to use English, I need to improve my grammar. Yea, I always get killed by grammar-nazi. Grammar-nazi, a person who can detect my grammatically error. Keke. Maybe I should using Malay. It's seem when I using English, most of times, the reader(s) cannot get the point. And the most interesting blog using Malay. Yeah, I know. I already forget how to use English. I'm scaring now. The future another problem. keke

Oh maybe I can use both.

I don't want to wast my times. So, I take some time while drinking a cup of tea and read some Malay's blog. Oh interesting. Most of them using simple Malay. So, what I can do now? Should I using English or Malay?
Help me to decide.