31 March 2012


Yeah! At last after 3 months, the winter ended. So many anime already achieve their end. So, I already finish watch many anime. Let's have review with it.

Zero no Tsukaima F
The ending is very satisfied. At last the tsundere, Louise and tsukaima, Yuuji is married. This is really happy ending. Since it's rare to see tsundere's anime get married ending. At the end of anime, the 1st opening is using back. It's really nostalgia to hear older opening.

High School DxD
The ending left me in despair. I think there are will be new season. At final episode, the (red) dragon told about white dragon. But at the end there is no white dragon. So, maybe second season. At last, after offering many things, Issei can defeat Pheonix. Fyi, they lost in rating game. So, Lucifer (Rias' brother) help Issei to defeat Pheonix in new rating game.

Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!
The family anime. It's really rare for me watch this genre anime. So, the final anime is really surprising. They told Hina about their parent. Although they don't said died word but using sentences "they will never back to see us. We can't visit them since they are far far far away" is still understanding. 

Ano natsu de matteru
New romance anime. Anonatsu does not have manga, game or novel. It's new. Created by JC staff. Some of my friend said, this anime is same as Toradora!. It's about alien, love. The ending is satisfied. They met the place that Ichika want to see. Although Ichika got catch by their native, at the last part, she come back to see Kaito.

Brave 10
Nothing much to said. I'm satisfied with the ending.

Danshi koukousei no Nichijou
Aka : Nichibros
The ending is really random. So, I think I'll miss many character in this anime like Yassan, Tadakuni's imouto (Mei), Nago, and the boys.

Guilty Crown
I really like this anime but the ending is really sad. Inori is gone. Shuu become blind. I just want Shuu and Inori to be together at last minute but nah, I just can watch and typing. 

Shakugan no Shana F
Another tsundere anime beside Zero no Tsukaima. It's same as Zero no Tsukaima. They played the first opening. SnS is really my first anime after I reach internet's world. The ending is ok. Although Shana and Yuuji are not married but it's ok as long both of them already confessed. The ending story is really confused so, better read some forum.

So, that's all for today~