13 December 2011

Deviantart : Forbidden Web?

Not really forbidden. 

After SPM, I want to be more artistic. Why? I love Manga, Anime, Games (mostly Visual Novel). And three of them always show a good draw. I really want to create my own comic and get publish. 

Unfortunely, I don't have drawing talent. Oh, maybe I have other talent in other course, who's know right? But most of time manga-ka or cartoonist will spent their time to draw and practice. Since I'm lazy. Yes, I'm lazy, most of time I waste with thinking. Not think about art. Just waste my time. But after SPM, I want to practice my skill. So, many draws (just four for now) that I get. 

Yes, I already sketch. So, I want to do important thing which is inking. But I lose all my drawing pens. At this moment I just found only 0.5 and 0.1. I just use 0.3 only. So, if I don't found it, I'll buy it. Easy solution. 

Anyways, want to see my drawing? Click here