27 December 2011

Reunion is kind ....

So, I as the student of SMK** have to attend reunion with others today. My first impression to re-union is kind happy. Then after a week before re-union, I feel meh~! So, I go for it today. After all, I get free transport. I'll pay to him. No worry.

The like re-union because I will meet my friends, most of my friend is male. I don't like to meet girl friends. Paranoid? We can eat together as before. Get annoyed and annoying. Feel the youth time!

The dislike thing when re-union is meet with strangers. I;m almost be a good friend with stranger today. Wow kind good improvement since I don't like to meet people. And the plan that not worked. Some plan this and some plan that. Bam! Nicely nothing happen with others. I don't involved with their planing. Just being doll and follow them then show some hatred towards them.

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