10 December 2011

Post-SPM story

Random picture is random

After SPM, I feel like in heaven. Heaven mean for me is I'm free from study. After two years studying, I'm free from SPM. That's only for a few day after SPM. After a week, I'm feel so bored.

Seriously, it's too bored.

Why it's so boring? The main reason is :

I couldn't see my friend(s). Although before SPM, I said to myself another monologue, I'll never see you guys again. Although said like that, I'm feel boring since I cannot tease my friend(s) or being teased by them.
Seriously I don't care being teased by them since that can make me to smile again. Although some teaser is really annoyed myself but nevermind, I'll laugh. 

I could not talk anymore. Dyem, gossiping? Seriously, that's not myself. Just random talk that waste your time but increase your bond between others. 

I don't have any work to do. Since I want to be NEET. Google it if you don't know the meaning of NEET. I just simply sit infront the computer. Online, chatting, update status/blog, etc. That are what I really do right now. It's different before taking SPM. I was busy with homework, exercise, reading, listening music But after SPM, I almost not do anything except listening music, surf internet.

Even Google Chrome know it

The school is infront my house
This is really bad. I want to said goodbye to school but each time I open my house's door, I'll saw my school. Sometimes I saw students too. Lol. 

NEET : not in education, employment, or training