08 December 2011

3 TIPS : For who want to go town with friends

This is not my city. Still not yet

There are many tips that I get when I went to city with friends. This tips is really useful for me who just like said and nobody care. *I can feel my despair-aura right now*

First and foremost : Select a suitable mall. If you just want to go some place in that Mall, just go alone. Never invite people again. Emo mood? lol. The boy that having this problem is weird.. Never went to place that almost died too. Empty with all closing shops. That's really weird place. Like you go to new place.
And if you think your destination is more good than them. Suggest to them, if they don't want, you can get two choices which are:

A- Leave them alone. But side effect is you are ALONE
B- Follow them silently but rant them. 

Second : Brings more moneys! This is important since you is not with your parent. 
I have this situation and brings me to regarding-corner. I waste too much money for an arcade. And what I get is just lose. Epic fail from me actually. And also, sometimes we cannot predict what we will seen right?
For example, you just bring RM5 to dinner. In your mind, you already calculate that your dinner will just RM5. But what happen if the price is increase? From RM5 to RM7. How suppose you want to pay it? You don't want to asked your friend for pay your food right? So just bring more money.

Third : Be good with friends. This is for your benefits actually. Always asked them. If you want, modify your face and be like sad-ish face. Never use this