04 December 2011

Tips for facing examination

Knowledge is everything 

Seriously I like that picture, the picture kind like want to me to be more focus especially during study. As SPM candidate 2011, I will share with you some tips that will get benefit to the reader.

First and foremost, beware what food that you take
I'm not said that you cannot eat. But beware, some food especially junk food that contain Monosodium Glutamate  (MSG). MSG is not good for health as it have large amount of sugar. Too much sugar which glucose is not good for body. The excess glucose will be broken down into glycogen which stored in Liver. The hormone that involve such as Insulin will stimulate Adipose tissue to take glucose. This will lead to obesity. According to some sources, one third of the adults in our country are obese, and another one third of our population is overweight. Too much salt also will give pain to your kidney. They need to work more harder to filter your blood. 
Beside that, MSG will cause Migraine headache.  For muslim, eat from halal source too.

Second, study at early stage/revision
Seriously, I hate this one. I know the good effect but could not do it since I have too much obstacle like phone, game, etc. But I still manage to study at early stage. It's not difficult to do it. After you finish study new chapter, take a moment to read again what you just learn. If you do exercise that is more good. Don't have time to revise? Don't make joke. When your teacher is not coming, take a chance to read. But don't stress yourself. You will kill yourself in a moment. 
Study last minute also work, but the effect is after you end the paper. You will forget about what just you read. I talk based from my friend(s) and my experience. If you so lazy to study, just do exercise, they help you alot to understand some chapter. 

Third, find good friend and study together/study group
This is the best thing in school life. You can teach other friend. Also you can ask to your friend. Just find a good friend that will be at your side for all times. :3

Find in Google

Last from me is pray to God
After you work hard, you need to pray. That's only last way. God will see what you do for achieve good result. Don't feel so despair if you don't get what you want. That's mean God want you to more focus in study. Maybe you make some problem with others? Who know? So, always pray and be hardworking. 

That's all~