14 December 2011

3 Tips : Let's carry out some festival

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Now we already at the end of year. So many classes will carry out some jamuan/fete/reception/repast. So, there will be some problem that will be occur when some group one to carry out it. Here my tips since I have experience it. I don't want to tell anymore about it. Let's keep the secret as secret

First : Select the leader
Don't give any reason. We need leader to lead the program. Imagine without leader, the plan will not happen. Maybe

Second : Choose suitable date, place and time
This is really important for all. Sometimes that time we are free but some of our friend maybe have own business right? So it's important to choose the suitable date.
Beside that, choosing suitable place also including. Since some of our friend maybe don't know the place right? We need to talk or discuss about the place too. Cleanness, etc.
Time is need to choose because some of parent (especially for students) don't want their children go outside during night. 

Third : Choose the themes and food
Themes is needed. Even some fete really have weird theme like K-Pop or anime etc. This is for fun actually. I just use black theme since I have many black thingy. 
Food. You can think about it right? The money needed for food.