10 December 2011

Lunar Eclipse

As we know, today is really special day, since we will see bloody moon. Bloody moon is name that I give. It's not official, never use them. I;m really excited to see my first Lunar Eclipse. It's sound I just get born and know the truth of the world.

But seriously, I really like astronomy. The reason is space is dark and yet there is a light. A random reason from me. lol.

Forget about it. This content is same like my previous entry. It's same but different in reading. *what's this mean?*

lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth so that the Earth blocks the Sun's rays from striking the Moon. Easy using diagram for more understand it.

Easy to understand right?

I just write what is happen to me only. Sorry if you couldn't understand what I gonna write.

At 8 PM, the sky is not so clear. It's seem the clouds is block the moon. I think the moon is too shy right now. The clouds is just want to protect moon from being seen. There is no star too. I think Moon is alone at that moment. That's why clouds try to help moon. Seriously, this could not be happen in space. I'm think since I'm watcher on the Earth.

At 9 PM, the sky is clear. I saw too much stars. Star Driver? I saw the moon is had been eaten bit by bit. 
Then at 9.14 PM, the moon already half. I could not see the fading of moon. Blurry eyes.

Then suddenly, my friends come to my house. Don't know the reason. Since I not said about eclipse to them. Maybe just to kill their time. lol

At 10.05 PM or somethings, the moon already red. Bloody Moon is appear. I hope I can show an image to you but don't have any camera except phone. OTL

That's all. thanx for reading. I'm sorry due to my poor english.