12 December 2011

Touchscreen vs Not-touchscreen phone

Nokia is good example

Since we already in year 2011, there was a good touchscreen phone which are Samsung and iPhone. Both Samsung and iPhone are really famous. Even some of my friend said that Nokia's era already end. I don't want to talk about both Samsung and iPhone. I don't have any touchscreen phone. I just use from my friend only. They are too kind to me. 

Forget that introduction. I want to talk about touchscreen phone and not-touchscreen phone. Both have benefits and also side effect. 

Since I'm still using not-touchscreen phone, I'll talk about it first. 
The benefit of using this type of phone is you can use your phone with one hand. Also this type of phone always increase the incident rate. For amateur, they will using both hands right? After awhile (it's take longer times if they don't message anyone) they can message anyone by using one hand. Don't forget, they can type without watch the keypad. This is good. 
While using touchscreen phone, you still need to use both hands. One for hold, one for typing. It's take more longer time than not-touchscreen phone. Why? Simple to said, how many times you use not-touchscreen phone than using touchscreen phone? 
Also most of time, for amateur, you'll have problem which is typo. You will type number instead.  

Eventually, using touchscreen phone is more good for gamer(s). Some touchscreen phone is really supreme to I said about it. You can play Angry Bird with touchscreen phone. Although you can play by using not-touchscreen phone but the experience is different. 

Another benefits is the most cheapest touchscreen phone is Samsung Corby. The price is RM 2++ only. My Nokia Express Music 5130 have higher price than Corby. Corby have wifi while my Express Music don't have it. 

Both price is almost same. 
But Corby have wifi while Express Music don't have it.
That's huge differences.

So, just use what phone that you have right now. Don't demanding for have a smartphone too much if you don't have too much money. I'm sorry because type with my poor English.