14 December 2011

Text Book Sore ja

Last day you in my home

Seriously today is really last day for SPM. Even some of our friend already finished early. The most early finish is Science Stream students. That's me!

Finish talk about SPM. Today is my last day with my text books. After a year they help use. Now they go. We just one of  borrowers. Everything that we borrow must be return back. The most favorite text book is Additional Mathematics' text book. Why? Because it's the heavier than others. Also, it's have many knowledge including Mathematics. Even I almost sleep with that text book. Seriously I have bond with them.

Stop talking about that. I'm thinking as I return this book. The condition to return all text book are the books must in good condition and return back as many you borrow it.
So, let's think. Our body. Yeah. Our body. Yes? Then what? Our Body... how many I want to repeat it?

God give us this body right. Not really give. We borrow this body. But why? Oh maybe for curse other friends or human? NOT! Never think that. God give this body for us use it wisely. God want us to worship him. Do the good. Never do the bad things. So, God trust us. Then why you use your body for doing some evil things? Killing each other, etc. 

God does not want our body to be more beautiful or handsome but He want the goodness. Kind heart is the good condition. Same as our text books. Must return it in good condition. /roger

And what I think return is same number is, if God give us not-so beautiful. Don't think or try surgery plastic thingy. Although some people said that's really beautiful but infront the God. That's not. You change what God give to you. I know we can do surgery for good reason. But if you already perfect [human never perfect] then never change it. 

p/s : Sore ja is kind Good Bye in Japanese