12 December 2011

Important Notice from ShoutMix

Guess I'll find solution then.

Surprising. That's only I can said about important notice from ShoutMix. Seriouslu, I don't know what happen until I read my friend blog. It's talk about ShoutMix. In that blog I try to find any notice at my blog. At that moment I said, I hope I will not get any important notice. But,

Well, I also get it too.

ShoutMix will stop the free service. This is not too surprise. Since this are business, they need money too. 

What do you feel if all people using your service but never paid any single money to me? Maybe you will feel sad or despair right? Don't blame they. They already give use free service for years. 

The important notice. Seriously this is really important.

Now you have two choices that internet give to us. First, if you really want to use ShoutMix then pay it. The cheapest price is just $0.99. That is dollar unit. Then if in Ringgit Malaysia, the price is just RM 3.12. Want to pay it? You can. But I cannot pay it. I don't have any money. 

So, let's go to second solution which is use another Chat Box which is Cbox. I already have it and already install them. I already use them since 2009. So, sorry if you read some weird message. Truly, sorry.
Where to get CBox? Easy said. Go to google and search it. Hahaha. I'll give the link. No worry, this is not joke. CBox want? Click Here

Although CBox is not fun as ShoutMix. It's still free. Pray now. Hope CBox will be free.

Chat with me now at Second Chat Box.