04 December 2011

2011 - Last year for me

That's is shown. I not create that. If I create it, you will know my style which are shadow, stroke, etc.
That's from my friend who good in designer. More good than me. lol

Ok, back to topic. As you know, I already finish my SPM. So that is the last year for me in my school. I hope I'll not miss the old times. Like people said, school is the best place to create good/bad memories. Know how to talk, cheat, joking around like a fool, stress, being fooled, create misunderstand, etc.

Without school, we'll never learn about friendship and also feeling. Seriously, i'm lack with feeling at this moment. Also, we can learn how to observe people. First impression is important for all. I hope people will not call me as Joker. Since I'm like to be fool. Not really fool. Just lack of seriousness. Stop it, the school's book is fully closed now.

Just need synopsis at the back cover. So, new book will come which is Matrix/University and then Work's Book.

Some of my friends will go to PLKN. Good luck and have fun there. Then, what am I doing? Just become NEET. NEET is stand for not in education, employment, or training. 

But I re-think about it. I need do something that will earn some money~ 

That's all. Seriously, I'm bad in writting.