23 October 2009

watching- Nyan Koi

Title: Nyan Koi!
Japanese Title: にゃんこい!
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating by Me: 5/5

a cat can talked to us? i mean the main character, Kousaka Junpei.. but in my vision, i will say this anime is harem anime too. the editor like harem anime.

afterall, i thought this anime came from Amano Akira, the mangaka who famous with Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn, but it wrong.. the mistake come when i saw the Kaede eyes, it like *whatever she name as Tsuna like her*

the op is good, the moe when neko-mimi is more moe for me.. hope there is/are men/boys using neko-mimi in the op, as result, the OP i will give 4/5
the ED, i really not like to watch the ED, i is horrible to become who not like to watch ED..

the animation, i like the animation, the character designs, the surrounding, the effect.. the BMG huh? i think i like it, but it cannot fight Needless BMG [stupid me, Needless is action so it different from Nyan Koi!]

This is that i say as effect

The character is good! now i fellen to Kanako Sumiyoshi, ah.. the boy side is make it like her, i not mean her darken face mkay which had rainbow hair but the true face.. alright! our hero, Junpei, how he can get the curse/ability to hear what cat can say but he has allergen to cat.. of couse this is for make the story more interesting.. but the cat, Tama remind me to Nagi cat/tiger, Tama

As result, i still waiting another harem candidates the twins, Kotone Kirishima and Akari Kirishima.. just thinking how they appearence as anime in next ep..