19 October 2009

watching- Needless

Title: Needless
Japanese Title: ニードレス
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-fi, Super Power
Rating by Me: 5/5

ah.. watching this anime, remind me to TTGL.. this causes their stail animation or drawing. however, i not care about it. watching this anime after PMR making i become liek this anime

the OP is really good, u can get the OP from google.. the ed also good but less good than OP, who like yuri, u can watch the ed too..

sometimes (who watching TTGL) said the character like the character in TTGL, example Blade reminds me of Kamina, Eve reminds me of yuuko, and simon is like cruz/yamada..

however, i only watch 1-2 and not really watch it, only download and watch it next time..
ara, i really dunno how to make my own impression