16 October 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator

Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator World Championships 2009
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Card battle
Rating by Me: 4/5

at last, i can play this game after a while download it.. now can play it.. ok.. this game based the famous trading card game [TCG], Yu-Gi-Oh! but this is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's which the newest TCG in Yu-Gi-Oh! world..

btw, the story is different from anime.. first, ur not Yusei. Yusei is main character in YGO 5D's..
the end also different from anime too

weekness [some of them came from me, sorry]-

  • no many card in there.. who want Earthbound card or Dark Synchro, u cannot use them in this game
  • the character is always repeat, repeat and repeat
  • ur card in hand is base ur luck and stail playing
  • the 3D is weird some times..
  • if u use Jack duel runner, u will see the type/circle is infront when u defeat Jack
  • If the player's character is a girl, many of the other main characters will refer to her as a "he" and Rex Godwin introduces the clones as the player's "brothers" instead of "sisters".
  • When interacting with Elgio, a player may find 'Turbo Duel' instead of 'Tag Duel'. Activating 'Turbo Duel' causes the player and his teammate to tag duel against Elgio and Itokawa.
  • Occasionally part of the character model's hair may turn white unnaturally. In extreme cases, almost all of the hair is white. This is a minor texture glitch and shouldn't harm gameplay.
  • Once all of the Structure Decks have been bought, the only one available will be the 5D's Starter Deck, and the player will not be allowed to buy any others (the 5D's Starter Deck will also have the 'new' symbol above it). Additionally, every time the player leaves the card shop, the game will say that a new pack has been added to the card list, when actually, nothing happens. This does not affect any aspects of gameplay, however.
  • When "Canyon" is in play and you attack a Rock-type monster in Defense Position with a monster that inflicts piercing damage and win, the damage to the opponent is doubled, even though the lore says that damage will only be doubled for the controller of the attacking monster.
  • "Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union"'s effect allows it to equip opponent's monsters as well, making it a really powerfull card.
  • When in the Tournament or playing on-line sometimes, the monster attack sound effects will be swapped with the attack sound effect of the attacked monster. For example, when a monster with a laser sound effect attacks a monster with a sword/slash sound effect, you will hear the sword/slash effect.
  • If an Action Replay is used, if you are attacking a monster which is about to be destroyed due to your monster having more attack points, the last 0 in the difference between attack points appears before all of the other digits.

and i hope another Yu-Gi-Oh! game with earthbound and dark synchro will appear.. so, just let konami and time do it..