20 November 2012

[Manga] : Hungry Joker

Tittle : Hungry Joker
Author : Tabata Yuuki
Genre : Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen, Action

when a shota become mad scientist!

After the end of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, one of two new manga is released by Shounen Jump. I think I like Shounen Jump since there are too much manga there such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. So, I think how about I try some new manga.

For this time, the manga is about virus. I think it's quite rare to find manga with this theme. This why I read this manga. 

Besides, this manga also win Golden Future Cup. I don't know much about that. 

The main character is shota with assistant. Of course this shota is not like usual shota. He is kind quite errr [mad] scientist. And also, what we need is apple. Of course like Newton's case. He got gravity idea when an apple hit his head right? So, the author use this concept but alter it. 

It's seem the apple always become forbidden fruit. The fruit that have knowledge. All what in manga told me. 

So, what I think, I'll continue to read this manga.