31 October 2012

too much new music video

Keep resting and procrastinate. Then how about I lurk youtube website. hmm. I just visit youtube for find education video [sometimes] or watch some random video[s].

owh, a new layout. Although I don't know if all user get new layout or not. But another change from youtube. It's same as FaceBook too. Keep changing layout. haha..

For this month, we have many new music video. And as usual, most music videos is came from Korea. Should I said it's about K-pop?

So let me give music video that catch my eyes. Scroll down :

HyunA - Ice Cream

Only this. haha. Other is Japanese song, or anime theme song. Gintama and also Medaka Box Abnormal. 

As usual, I'll addict with this song until I get new song.