17 October 2012

A week after final exam

Yesh yesh yesh!! After 2 weeks struggling [not really] I finished my final exam. I just hope I can pass all papers and persuade my study. Although I kind hate with science stream but it's okay.

Now I re-think back, I'll use my drawing as part time job. lol Not be full times, since I need to pay attention to my studies. But don't worry, I still draw but just illustrate. Or maybe some strip comic. I still need to study how to design, illustrate. I want to make them as my part time. Seriously.

No real ambition. Just don't give me too much physics. 

Forget about that, after a week I finished my final, I can go back to home. Ahhh. Johore ehh.. Long times not to see. Still same like before [after SPM] I'll waste my time with online, gaming [not really]. I know some of my friends already began their study for next sem. Haha. 

But I still need to study for next sem. Must begin in November. Maybe 
What am I doing for this holiday besides online or gaming? Of course keep drawing like I have dateline. 

My focus now is playing with screentone. It's really important. I should learn this first. But better late than never. Haha. Beside that, my original problem is still figure. Must keep drawing. 

And somehow, I hope our group, D6 will never separate. I only want with them for one year. One semester is 4-5 months.