17 October 2011

The Bravest Girl. Indeed

This is not joke for Loki's birthday ok. This is the reality. The most bravest girl ever I have heard. She is brave to speak or rather I said type at facebook to Prime Minister.

The issue is simple one, for next year (2012), the students must learn Math and Science in Malay back. I'm not care about it. But, if you already learn English for 9 years. How they want to understand Malay in 2 years?

The solution is study in both language, Malay and English. But kind kill the teacher. I want to give some opinion about this. If they go to Matrix, they still need to learn in English. Kind tough for Malay students.

Even I was struggling to understand English. I know they want to use Malay again. Then how about like this, all subjects except English is teaching in Malay. But when your in the university, the books is in the English.
Then, you need dictionary at side for all the time. Never mind. Dictionary is best friend.

Anyways, we need to study. The result that we need. So for form 3 students, good luck for next year!