12 October 2011

The Newest Shoes!

After 6 months using broken shoes. I'm lazy to buy new one. I have many broken things that I not want to replace. Since waste the money when you just use for 6-5 months only.


I finally bought and brand new shoes which is from converse. Since I'm still 17 years old and very stingy, I use my father's money to buy it. With RM 99.90, I buy it.

Beside the shoes and box. I just get the beg. The beg that students use at this moment. The side one I mean.
And my friends said the fabric is made from raincoat. Yeah, I know that fact. But it's soo cool. The design I mean.

But having converse shoes at school kind dangerous too. Sometimes, people like to steal shoes. Meh, why they not buy their own shoes? I hope I can have this converse until the end. 

Oh, did the shoes become my another girlfriend?