17 May 2012

Detective Conan : 817

The previous chapter is about caretaker murdered in jungle. So, today it'll solve. Conan (and Sera) solved the case. Since it's easy for them. Conan don't need Mouri or Prof. Agasa to solve this case. Beside Sera is near. She is quite good (and beautiful) detective. 

So, at the previous chapter, Haibara took the antidote. This chapter show Haibara in adult and help her friends. 
Mitsuhiko secretly film the girl who had save them. He want to thank to that woman and sent to Mouri's agency . Ah, this kid really annoying. So, I think Sera and some man (don't know/lazy remember his name) will know about Haibara and Conan's secret.

At the end the video is hacked by Subaru Okiya. 

Interestingly, he drank bourbon wine. So, maybe speculation about Okiya is Bourbon is true.