24 May 2011

Deckish: Locomotion and Support

When this card is Synchro Summoned, take control of the face-up
monster your opponent controls with the highest Level. (If it's a tie, you get to choose)

Rarara.. Kacha kacha.. lol. 
The effect is very power! Control the opponent's monster until it destroy! And you can use the effect. I wonder why people(s) not see this card?

Easy to said. The people love new card with overkill effect (I'm saying about you, Shi-en) The attack value is kind good which is 2500 and yeah, you can defeat Stardust Dragon. The Defend point also good. 2000 is good. Overall, power and def is balance in this cards.

So, to the topic, Locomotion R-Genex's effect which gain control until that card are removed from field. The ways to summon he is using all Genex tuner with Malicious or Jinzo. Or some monster Dark which level 6.