22 May 2011

Landslide in Malaysia

Picture Credit : Berita Harian Malaysia

I was watching television - yeah during exam week - and suddenly it said, Tanah Runtuh di [landslide at] Rumah Anak Yatim & Anak Hidayah Madrasah At-Taqwa, Kampung Sungai Gahal, Hulu Langat. Eh, the another landslide after Bukit Antarabangsa. I wonder why this happen yet I know this is God's power which no one can stop it. Then, we will take from science view. Why this happen?
  1. It raining. Heavy raining. Period. So, the water cause the bond between particle will lose. As the result landslide happen.
  2. No drain. We need drain at side of hill. Maybe it will cost some money but can reduce the percentage of tragedy from occur. 
  3. No so much tree. Did you know leaves can shatter the water to more small particle. This is another function of tree beside produce oxygen. 
  4. Any more?
No offence. I just said what I think only. So no sue. I just said the causes of landslide. But, since I cannot help to rescue them I just send the pray and hope they will patience about what happen.