20 May 2011

Exam Rule

Once your drawer, you will become drawer forever

Yeah! It exam times now, just another 2 papers which are Biology and Physic. Both of them are really hard to score. Biology need more memorize thing like cellulose, trypsin, erepsin. I just hope I can maintain my score during test 1 and last year examination. 

While there, Physic is really happy go dead. What you need is good thinking style. Think and remember the formula, related them. F=ma. How you get Force, Mass or Acceleration. Physicist is really good. Although Physic is one of my favourite subjects in class but I need read more about them. The defination of terms and terms. 

Btw, that draw, I drew it during exam -how rude I am- sorry. I just get imagination to draw what. So here she come, the twintail. With "Onii-chan" word. -Lolicon mode- period.