20 May 2011

Fallen Angel and become Fabled

Tsudoishi hoshi ga hitotsu ni naru toki, aratana kizuna ga mirai wo terasu! Hikari sasu michi tonare! Rimitto Ōbā Akuseru Shinkuro! Shinka no hikari, Shūtingu Kuēsā Doragon!!! - Fudo Yusei

I'm lol at that card. My first perception is :
  1. WTF of this card?! The name is too weird. Quasar? What that thing?
  2. Oh. Dues ex Machina card again?
  3. It impossible to summon it. With level 12. How could I to summon it?
  4. It too big dragon and no legs???
  5. It coooll
Nevermind, the title give the hint. My newest deck, which I get and make some modification about that deck and the result, -wala~!- I get it. Using fabled as main deck and Junk Synchron as another supporter is good. I could summon T.G Hyper Librarian. This deck focus to draw with 3 draw engines (or more) which are Hyper Librarian, Ragin, Formula Synchron. Just wall of words cannot tell you right. Ok no decklist, just video from me.