21 May 2011

Why Manga or Anime =/= Reality?

It my perception, nothing related with other. If related it just random post

Why I love manga or anime? No one will ask me about that question. I love them because the event that always happen is really not same as reality. Still I want to deny it.. ok, the reason why I love manga or anime :

  1. You will get girl or surrounded with moe [pretty] girl - or should I said, a white as silky girl
  2. Even though you are pervert or had ecchiness and reveal to girl yet they will like you when you good deed to them, like help them during hardship time.
    • And the reality- "Uew, you are pervert. I will never fallen love to you"
  3. You get want thing-that-you-want-to-know. Don't have idea? Read ecchi-genre manga and you will get it.
  4. All girls that you come, they are single girl. But in reality [which I experience it] a good and nice girl but had boyfriend. 
  5. Anymore idea? lol
That is reality. So never never never mix reality with manga. anime, game world