01 July 2012

After a month in UiTM

Will use Engrish again. kekeke

Weh mau berapa lama aku tak update blog Mayoi Synchro aku ni. Rasa dah sebulan lebih sudah.

Already a month I don't update this world - Mayoi Synchro. I have my own reason to not update this blog. Since I already came to UiTM Puncak Alam. I changed into super-hyper student mode. Not really, I still have time to online, chatting, drawing, reading a comic. So basically it's same as before.

Living in university is totally different. Kalau duduk dengan parents lagi best. You need to do by yourself. I mean you really need to calculate how many budget that you need everyday. I already lost almost RM100 for this month -not including cost to buy the text books and others. So, at end kena minta parents la.

Fyi, fasting month is around one month right? So, many students (except me) already booked bus. Pastu raya kan? lagi ramai yang dah booking. But still I don't buy any ticket to back home. Asal aku tak tumpang orang buat kali berapa entah janganlah

Dan macam biasa la kami dipisahkan dalam kumpulan. Ko bayangkan satu aras tak de sorang pun sama group dengan aku lagi lah satu rumah. So, with burning soul *yugioh 5D's parody again* I go to Dewan Kuliah alone with my ex-classmate. 

So, all my daily routine is same as before. I managed to draw comic. Actually strip comic. 

p/s: Dah berapa lama aku tak ketuk keyboard ni?