04 November 2009

International Saimoe League 2009: the Result

as the result, the champion is Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku!.. congratz to her.. she cannot win as the fans not vote her.. Shana only win 2106 meanwhile Hina 2117.. just 9 vote eh..
afterall, the comedy moe win against action moe
some my friend at /MAL which fans Hinagiku and Shana Fans

Hinagiku Fans [getting from MAL activities blog]:

"that was super close. Hina ^^."

"congrats Hina. another one to add in that already impressive resume :)"

"WOOOT :) YAY Hina & ISML"

"And once again, Hinagiku denies Shana a championship."

"A huge thanks to the 9 extra people that voted!"

"That was one of the closest match. Our Hinagiku won !!!"

Shana Fans [also do the same]:

"Hina is lame XD"

"Congrat to Hina.
And, Shana will always get my support forever~"

"Shana will always be #1 in my eyes. <3"

"Meh, I still want to know what everyone sees on her. I understand the Athena-craze that Hayate fans are slowly catching though, but I never understood the Hinagiku one."

"that was a very well fought battle, and an incredibly close finals"

"I am greatly satisfied with the ending of this ISML, Hinagiku showed a will to win and Shana's record is something that I doubt it can be repeated so easily....good year in the end and congrats to Hinagiku ^_^"

"Damn so close, gay shit~"


now, just waiting 2010, the new moe[s] will battle again.. can Shana or Hinagiku or so on win? just wait eh.. next year candidates, K-On, Seitokai no Ichizon, Bakemonogatari, and Kamen Rider W Umineko