14 April 2012

kidichi's anime list to watch

Usually I will show the upcoming anime right? But for this time there is no poster. Why? I'm lazy to find it. So, before any thing happen I'll list my anime that I need to watch for this season.

The MUST Watch
Reason : This list is based on my opinion. I like the studio, casts or manga. So, must watch even I need to stream it

-Medaka Box
-Kore wa Zombie desuka? Of The Dead
-Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

p/s: I think I don't want to watch many anime for this season.

The NEED to Watch
Reason : Maybe I'll watch it as I need it. Or maybe this anime will replace anime at the must watch lists

-Sengoku Collection
-Accel World
-Shining Heart ~Shiawase no Pan~
-Natsuiro Kiseki

Actually I already late to post this entry